Non Qualifying Assets


A trust is a medium under which the retirement plan assets are accumulated. The employer or employees, or both, contribute to the trust, which forms part of the retirement plan. The assets are held in the trust until distributed to the employees or their beneficiaries according to the plan’s provisions.

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 · The summary annual report must disclose; a) the name of each institution holding qualifying plan assets and the amount of such assets, b) the name of the surety company issuing the bond if the plan has more than 5% of its assets in non-qualifying plan assets, c) a notice indicating that participants may examine, or receive copies, of evidence.

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Assets that are not qualif ying plan assets are non -qualifying plan assets. Examples of non -qualifying assets are non -participant loans, property, real estate and limited partnerships. The amount of the bond with respect to non-qualifying plan assets must be an amount equal to 100% of the value of the non-qualifying plan assets.

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A qualified retirement plan is the classic funded plan. A plan will generally be considered funded if assets are segregated or set aside so that they are identified as a source to which participants can look for the payment of their benefits. For NQDC purposes, it is not relevant whether the assets have been identified as belonging to the employee.

 · The asset tests under Section 856(c)(4) include a test that the total assets of a REIT, at the close of each quarter, must consist of at least 75% of "qualifying assets" including real estate assets, cash and cash items (including receivables), and government securities.

ERISA bond with non qualifying assets. There is however a difference in the bond amount needed. Instead of the ten percent (10%) of asset value fidelity bond requirement, the bond must be equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the value the non-qualifying plan assets. Many surety companies are reluctant to issue ERISA bonds for this type of plan.

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